Thursday, May 21, 2009

Green and Pretty {Molto Bella Photography}

Going green? That is what I play over and over in my head on an almost daily basis. When I first decided to bring my business into that direction I never thought it would be as difficult as it has been. I love the boutique look but I also want to be green. So merging the two in to one has been a challenge. When I think of boutique, I think of fun and beautiful packaging to go with amazing one of a kind products. Well I knew I could give my clients the one of a kind product, but what to wrap it up in and present it in was a chore. So after months of collecting I am finally able to start making pretty and green packages!! I have a large collection of lunch and grocery bags. Old fabric I don't want nor need, torn up clothes that have lost their appeal, mint tins, cards, fun jars, and a list of other things that can be used to make your packages pretty. I also use only recycled materials, the higher the percentage the better. And if it's something made in the USA even better!! So we wrapped up our first "Green and Pretty" order and we are so pleased at what we came up with!! Here is a sneak peek of what we came up with so far. More to come!!!

Green and Pretty


Mel Chern said...

what an interesting idea...Keep up the green work!!!

Gillian Foley said...

The blues and browns are awesome. Lovin' the earth-friendly ideas, as I'm sure your clients will too!

Katherine said...

Great idea!

Jenny Jardine Photography said...

What a great idea! Your packaging looks wonderful!

EC said...

Pretty and earth-friendly!

Shannon Kelley said...

LOVE IT!! The idea and the way you pulled it off is awesome!

Renee Whiting said...

Very creative! It looks great!

Mary said...

I love the idea of re-using found stuff! It's even better than buying new "green" stuff. Great ideas here!

Alice said...

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