Monday, June 29, 2009

Hafta laugh at myself

Okay, so these aren’t art-quality photos…but I have a point. There was a time when, if asked to take a couple pics of stuff to sell on Craigslist, I would snap a shot of each item and upload them directly to Craigslist. No more.

I had to laugh at myself, and I hope my husband was laughing too. He wanted a couple photos of a door he wants to sell, so we went out to the shaded carport (so we didn’t have harsh sunlight) and he held the door up. But wait – there’s going to be a hotspot on it from the sunlight coming through right there…move to my left a bit…a bit more…okay, turn it a bit…there! Okay, shoot. Wait…bad composition…shoot again. Oh – move the wagon…shoot again. Whew. Now the other side of the door…just a sec – there’s something on the door…okay, it’s clean…shoot – oops, I clipped the corner…shoot again…one more shot just to be sure. Whew again!

If that’s not enough to drive my husband crazy, before I can send them to him for Craigslist I must edit! Adjust levels, sharpen for web, crop out the distractions…okay, I’ll let him post these, but I’ll still call them “snapshots!”

I’m such a dork!

Door 1 Door 2


Heather Georger said...

I do that ALL the time!!!!

Rhonda said...

lol That is sooo funny and very true!

THS said... does that to you!!

Schona Kessler Photography said...

I do the same thing! lol

EC said...

so true! so true!!! I do the same!

Becky said...

VERY funny. Hubby used to ask me to photograph his ebay stuff - but I took too long to edit. LOL He does it on his own now.

Laughing with you. ;)

Shannon Kelley said...

so true! dont you just love craigslist!

Julie said...

Thank goodness I am not alone...this was hysterical!

Sharon said...

LOL, That's funny. I do that sometimes. Other times I actually manage to just point and shoot and post SOOC, with no fuss. Depends on how busy I am at the time.

Renee Whiting said...

haha, well I hope the door sold!

snaphappee said...

Actually, it did! I asked the guy if the photos sold the door and he said, "Absolutely! Great photos!" lol!

Alice said...

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